The Report on the Seminar of Second MeatEx

The seminar regarding the review and study of the achievements of the first edition and objectives of the second edition of the Specialized and International Exhibition of Halal meat products and the related industries (MeatEx) was held in presence of the related unions and organizations, manufacturers and business owners of the related industries, reporters of private publications and news agencies on Jan 24, 2017 in Karun Hall Parsian Hotel.

In the beginning, Ms. Habibollahi the head of the board of directors of Darvaze Tejarat Farasoo welcomed the participants and presented statistical information of the first edition of the Exhibition and reviewed the weak and strong points of MeatEx 2016.

As the seminar continued Dr. Aflaki, director of Society of Meat Products Producers pointed out the significance of developing the quality and quantity in export, special role of meat and related industries in halal products business, developing and supporting the exhibition industry, and the MeatEx becoming the center of attention in the Middle East in production and presenting to the market meat and halal protein products and presence of active parties in this industry.

Afterwards, Dr. Rasouli, director of Iran protein Producers Syndicate, first introduced the syndicate, its members and achievements in order to organize the meat packing industry and fulfill the satisfaction of end consumers. Then, he presented information to gain achievements and effective ideas regarding the packaging of meat products in the first edition of the MeatEx and presence of the parties present in the meat industry in this edition of the exhibition and finally stated the decrease in meat import tariff from 26% to 5%.

As proceeded Mr. Hormoz Mehbod, managing director of Tejarat Farasoo Holding and the Manager of MeatEx Organizer described and clarified the objectives of organizing the second edition of MeatEx 2017 in Iran.

"Motto of the first edition of the exhibition was, a gateway to the region markets and motto of the second edition of the exhibition is " a place for directing the region markets" and it will make meeting with the experts and major buyers of the region possible.

Mr. Mehbod considered the success in the exhibition, an outcome of a collaboration of the organizers and exhibitors in attracting the maximum number of audience and visitors as the common objective of the organizers and exhibitors.

"We try our best to rectify the weak points in the first edition of the exhibition and have a more comprehensive and more successful exhibition in 2017"

Afterwards, Dr. Masoud Rasouli, director of Iran protein Producers Syndicate thanked Mr. Mehbod managing director of Farasoo Holding and the manager of MeatEx Organization by granting him an appreciation tablet for organizing the first specialized and international exhibition of meat products and the related industries.

Eventually, the lecturers replied the questions of the audience and the seminar ended at 11:00.

It is to be mentioned, that online registration for the audience at the exhibition as exhibitors will be available as of Jan 24, 2017. Click here to view this section.

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