Design & Print

Definitely one of the major concerns of the exhibitors, especially the foreign companies, is Production, design and printing of various promotional items with the standards of the organizing country. Thus paying attention to the points that is directly related to the culture and language of the country in which the exhibition is held would be more effective and beneficial for the exhibitors. “Aryano Tarh” enjoying a very high-powered team in the fields of Ideation, design and printing is ready to give its services to the exhibitors as the advertising consultant of the Tejarat Farasoo Holding (organizer of the MeatEx).

Lists of the services of this company are as follows: 

Design Services

  • Catalog Design (16 pages) for introducing services and products
  • Booklet Design (8 pages)
  • Tract Design (size A4 and A5)
  • Roll-up Design (in different sizes)
  • X Are Design (in different sizes)
  • Foreign pop-up Design
  • Business card Design
  • CD Design
  • Advertising Poster Design
  • Invitation Card Design
  • VIP Card Design & etc.

Printing Services

  • Catalog printing (digital and offset)
  • Brochure printing (digital and offset)
  • Leaflet printing (digital and offset)
  • Roll-up printing (in different sizes)
  • X Are printing (in different sizes)
  • Foreign pop-up Printing
  • Business Card Printing (digital and offset)
  • CD Printing (digital and offset)
  • Poster Printing
  • Invitation Printing
  • Printing on Promotional Items Given during Exhibition