Tehran International Exhibition Ground

International Exhibitions Company of Islamic Republic of Iran, as one of the most important Iran economic and trade companies, has prepared a suitable running stream and background by utilizing unique spaces, possibilities, feasibilities, and expert workforces and by holding international expertise exhibitions for foreign and domestic producers and merchants, so that  in addition to offering and demonstrating its capabilities, it would be able to develop its trade transactions and international and joint investments at International Exhibition site.


The inauguration of Iran exhibitions company foundation dates back to 1959. In that year after the allocation of the exhibition site at the present location, in 1967, construction activities for constructing exhibition and administration halls started. The first International Asian exhibition was held in 1969 for 21 days, with presence of 33 countries and after that the trend of holding exhibitions gave way to a suitable development that acknowledged Tehran as one of the most beautiful global centers for exhibitions.

In 1976 Exhibitions Company was admitted as a member of UFI (Union of International Fairs); it also became a member of BIE, which has the responsibility of holding global Expo Exhibitions.

The important functions of the International exhibitions company of Islamic Republic of Iran include:

Holding expertise, private and international trade exhibitions in Iran or aboard

Cooperating with the global exhibitions union and admitting its membership and participating in seminars and conferences related to and taking action in constituting such assemblies with the observance of Iran rules and regulations

Exhibiting and introducing agricultural, mine, and industrial products and achievements and technical commercial and engineering services of the Islamic republic of Iran through holding and administrating of centers and exhibition stands in Iran or aboard

Participation with natural persons or legal entities in affairs related to the duties of the company including current duties or establishing functions or permanent and temporary exhibitions in Iran or abroad through investment.


  • The Managing Director (at present Dr. Esphabodi is the chairman of the boards of directors and the managing director)

The members of the assembly of the company

  • Dr. Tabyebnia- minister of economy and finance is the head of the general assembly
  • Eng. Nematzadeh- minister of industry, mine and commerce and the member of the general assembly
  • Hojatoleslam Pour Mohammadi- minister of Justice and the member of the assembly

Company’s Perspective

Earning the position of the best company from the viewpoint of exhibition events among the region countries and achieving to an international fame and reputation in the exhibition industry

Company’s Mission

The International exhibitions company of the Islamic Republic of Iran will take steps for realization of objectives and the policies of trade development and introducing the achievements and products in different fields of country business through presenting a complete spectrum of exhibition services and the events related to trade to exhibition conductors, participants, and visitors in the global realm, with emphasis on the international standards in the direction of realization of county twenty-year perspective plan of the sacred Islamic Republic of Iran. 

By relying to its valuable background, the International exhibitions company of the Islamic Republic of Iran will take advantage of modern technologies in this route so that it would provide appropriate conditions for the growth and exaltation of the human investments and approaching a stable development as well as creating a positive figure of its performance in the society and sticking to its undertakings thereof.

Location and the Area of the Exhibition

The International exhibition has the following facilities for presentation of more facility services to exhibition visitors and participators:

  • Banks for presenting bank services,
  • Exhibition customs house for presenting customs services,
  • Insurance (the exhibitions company with cooperation of one of the insurance firms has taken measures so that the insurance agent will be present at the exhibition location for offering services to the participant during the exhibition holding,
  • Restaurants, coffee shops (Khalije Fars Hall Restaurant and Exhibition Grand Restaurant, Tapeh Sabz restaurant),
  • Goods and articles transportation means (including cranes, lifters, lift trucks),
  • Customs  affair services (release workers),
  • Telephones, fax, internet, phone and wireless services,
  • Auditorium and hall for showing films,
  • Printing house for printing and replication,
  • Greenhouse for offering of flowers and decorative plants to participant and visitors,
  • Food shops,
  • Stand making and decoration,
  • Fire station,
  • Red Crescent,
  • Parking lots at northern, western and southern gates of the exhibition site,
  • Online registration services,
  • Visitors registration services,
  • Holding virtual and online exhibitions