Tejarat Farasoo Holding

According to some international definitions, one of the most important reasons for industrial development in a country is:

•Importing of quality goods into the country, which, through creating a competitive atmosphere, will increase the quality of local products.

•Introducing and offering of local products in international markets, which, through an increase in the number of customers and in flowing of currency into the country, will enhance local production.

Participation in international exhibitions has always been the focus of attention of industrialists and businesspeople as a gateway for expanding business overseas. Nowadays, choosing a suitable exhibition with favorable conditions can turn out to be a successful investment. Increasing profit gained from such investment is one of the main concerns of merchants and manufacturers.

Tejarat Farasoo Holding Company, with three divisions of Darvazeh Tejarat Farasoo, Gostaresh Tejarat Farasoo, and Tose’e Tejarat Farasoo, provides services to industrialists and businesspeople in Iran. Its most important goals include helping the country’s industry by introducing the world's most successful exhibitions into the country, facilitating exhibitiong and visiting in them, and helping with the establishment of business relations among exhibition clients in Iran and abroad.

We consider our main duty to offer comprehensive business counsel and quality services in order for visitors and exhibitors to participate outstandingly in the most prominent expositions in the world.