Final Report of MeatEx 2017


MeatEx, Meet the best in one place

Stabilizing Position of the Sole Exhibition of Meat Products and Industry in the Middle East


The second international and specialized exhibition on halal meat products was held on Nov 13, 2017 to Nov 16, 2017. The net exhibition space was 6664 sqm(6344 Sqm Indoor and 320 Sqm Outdoor).The exhibition was held in halls 10, 11 and E25 at Tehran International Permanent Fairground by Tejarat Farasoo Holding.

In this edition, 101 exhibitors attended from Iran and 15 other countries, of which 63% were Iranian Exhibitors and the other 37% were from the following foreign countries:

Australia, Belgium, Brazil, China, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, Mongolia, Netherland, Spain, Switzerland, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates and United Kingdom.

Moreover, the exhibition hosted 703 persons as commercial delegations and independent visitors from the following countries:

Afghanistan, Armenia, Australia, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, China, France, Georgia, Germany, Iraq, Italy, Kazakhstan, Lebanon, Nigeria, Netherland, New Zealand, Oman, Poland, Qatar, Romania, Senegal, Spain, Turkey and Ukraine.

It is estimated that almost 11000 Iranian Visitors visited the exhibition within 4 days. (Because there is no visitor registration system at this fairground, presenting the precise number of visitors is not possible at none of the events held at this fairground, and the numbers are just rough estimations).

MLA (Meat & Livestock Australia), Lithuanian Meat Producers Association, Minerva Foods (one of the largest Brazilian Meat Producers), Darkhan Meat Foods (the largest Mongolian organic meat producer) are among the well-known international associates and companies attended this exhibition. Moreover, outstanding companies from Germany, Spain, Denmark, etc. along with their Iranian Representatives such as, Moshaver Co., EFPROMM, and Battak Co. attended the industrial section and presented their pioneer machinery and technologies. Also well-known Iranian Companies such as Kalleh Meat Products (the largest and most international Iranian meat products producer), Robat Meat Products, Etemadi Commercial Group (Makimah), Pars Meat Products, Bonado Co., Mazeh Afarin Co., and Pars Turkey Co. can be named as major Iranian Exhibitors.

The turning point of the second MeatEx was the "additives and flavors" and "store equipment" sections in which majority of outstanding and key Iranian Companies and Manufacturers attended. (Robertet Co., Saziba Group, Emertat Co., and Rahpoyan Shamim Iranian Co.), and (Aleesanat Co., Electro Steel, Dina Design, Towzin electronic, and Takin Electronics Pasargad) can be named in additives and store equipment sections respectively.

The highest growth occurred in cooling and refrigerator section and all the significant manufacturers of cooling industry such as, Sabcool (Vahid Refrigeration Industries Co.), Nobugh Sarmayesh Industries CO. Nikfard Khazar, Sarmacell (Maleki Refrigeration Industries Co.), and other        

Mr. Hormoz Mehbod, managing director of Tejarat Farasoo Holding, the organizer of exhibition stated: Unprecedented interest and satisfaction of exhibitors and visitors of the second MeatEx stabilized the unique position of the exhibition as the one and only meat and meat products exhibition in the Middle East.

Ms. Negin Aabed the project manager of the exhibition commented: “89% of the exhibitors were satisfied with the exhibition, and 69% of them already presented their filled registration form to the organizing committee for the next MeatEx.

Dr. Taherian, the secretary of Iranian Animal Products Importers Association, one of the spiritual supporters of MeatEx “stated that the second edition of MeatEx showed a growth compared to the first edition and fulfilled the expectations and he hoped for further growth for the exhibition in the region and provides the conditions for presence of Iranian and International Companies in the exhibition.”

Dr. Rasouli, the secretary of Iranian Protein Producers Association, another supporter of the exhibition commented: MeatEx is a specialized exhibition and one of its strengths is thorough participation of entities in the industry from animal farming to presenting the meat products in chain stores and butcher stores.

Mr. Petras Vainoras the stand manager of Lithuanian Meat Products Association commented: we participated in the show with our premium meat producers for a better recognition and studying the Iranian Market and making business connections. Considering the useful business connections at the exhibition, we will participate in the next years’ show to be actively present in the region.

Mr. Bret Stockings from Flecture one of the co-exhibitors of MLA stated: this was second participation of MLA in MeatEx and Flecture was one of the exhibitors. Flecture intended to achieve a better recognition of the Iranian Taste to be able to supply the needs. MeatEx contributed greatly to achieving the objective.


“How to Cut Your Meat” Workshop

“How to Cut Your Meat” Workshop was a collaboration of the famous Iranian Chef Mr. Saman Golriz and Kish Behin Co, the exclusive representative of VICTORINOX (Switzerland) in this edition of the exhibition which was quite welcomed by the visitors.

Mr. Golriz commented with respect to the exhibition: organizing MeatEx besides its commercial objectives assists ordinary people to get acquainted with the meat industry which plays a significant role in nutrition portion of the society. Moreover, contributing to growth of the food culture and modifying the consumption patterns can be named among the general achievements of the exhibition and the workshop.

Mr. Mohammad Pourjavaherian the CEO of Kish Behin stated: MeatEx as a specialized meat exhibition was an exceptional opportunity to introduce and exhibit the professional knives through Mr. Golriz and he managed to demonstrate the function of each knife for the visitors.

Side Seminars

Educational seminars were held along the exhibition in cooperation with Arak and Bandarabaas Medical Science University, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Research center of Iran (CCERCI), Iran Protein Producers Syndicate, Animal Products Importers Association, Iran Veterinary Organization, Islamic Azad University- Saveh Branch, Sivan Tejarat Emertat together with Ghr-Hansen and Avebe as follows:

        Preventive methods of transmitting parasitic diseases

        Acquaintance with function and sanitation of refrigeration

        Fermented meat products

        Native and Modified Potato Starches In Meat Industry

        Sensors in smart phones for detecting the quality of meat and meat products

        Effect of cattle and poultry welfare on quality of meat

        Managing the process of red meat production at slaughterhouses of the exporting countries

        Acquaintance with HACCP in meat industry

        Examining the quality of meat

        Technology of production, methods, and procedures of chicken paste

        Role of meat products in nutrition and diet of professional athletes

Totally, 658 experts participated in the seminars and the questionnaires indicated the enthusiasm and satisfaction of 91% of the participants with the contents presented in the seminars.


Next edition of MeatEx will be in November 2018, and the exact date will be subsequently posted officially on website of the Exhibition.


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