The Report on the Seminar of Third MeatEx

The Seminar aiming to analyze the objectives of the third International and Specialized Meat Products and Related Industries (MeatEx) was held in presence of the related unions and associations, producers, factory owners, and reporters of specialized publications on Jan 31, 2018 in Berlin Hall at German-Iranian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

As the seminar initiated Mr. Mehbod, managing Director of Darvazeh Tejarat Farasoo Holding welcomed the guests and announced the schedule.

Dr. Majid Aflaki director of Ssociety of Meat Products Producers supported MeatEx and stated: in Iran all meat products are halal and we should move toward involving the international market in this exhibition and emphasized exchanging scientific and technical information between the exhibitors and visitors as one of the objectives of MeatEx.

As the seminar proceeded Dr. Masoud Rasouli, director of Iran Protein Producers Syndicate named MeatEx among the specialized meat exhibitions in the world and stated that: after IFFA (the leading specialized meat products worldwide) which is held every three years, MeatEx is the second rank exhibition in Iran.

He also emphasized that the theoretical section of MeatEx was very useful and productive and stated: "the theoretical section of MeatEx will be even more effective in 2018 and requested all parties in this industry to take part in the next edition of MeatEx as he supported the Exhibition.

Afterwards, Ms. Abed MeatEx Show Director presented the statistics of the second edition of MeatEx and stated that the second edition of the exhibition was held in 6,195m2 of which 3,117m2 was the useful raw space rented by the exhibitors.

Totally, there were one-hundred and one exhibitors (sixty-four Iranian Companies and thirty-seven international companies from fifteen countries), and according to the statistics and registration forms of exhibitors and visitors, 11,700 people visited the exhibition.

Eventually, Mr. Mehbod the Managing Director of Darvazeh Tejarat Farasooand manager of the organizer's office reviewed the objectives and changes of the third edition of the exhibition (MeatEx 2018) in Iran:

Given the support of Food Additives Production Association from MeatEx, separating the additives section, attracting visitors through "Meat Show", holding specialized seminars regarding proper consumption patterns for general visitors in cooperation with the Iran Veterinary Organization, holding seminars concerning health-based additives in cooperation with the Food Additives Production Association, and modification in registration are among the most significant changes in the third edition of the exhibition (MeatEx 2018).

He added that successful experience of home butchery workshop in MeatEx 2017 was the start of an attraction fringe program in the exhibition by holding workshops and competitions hosted by famous Iranian and International figures for the audience. Such interesting program will be introduced under the commercial title of "MeatShow".

"Motto of the first edition of the exhibition was, a gateway to the region markets and motto of the second edition of the exhibition was " a place for directing the region markets" by meeting with the experts. Motto of the third edition of MeatEx is:

 "Expanding the Target Markets"


Finally, Mr. Mehbod stated that registration for the third edition of the exhibition (MeatEx 2018) has initiated on Feb 07, 2018 through the official website of the exhibition. Please take into consideration that the floor planning will be prioritized according to the registration time.

 In the end Mr. Mehbod answered the audience's questions and seminar ended at 13:00.